To gain the best people of the region for exeron

Education together with mother company Mafell / Visit of educational fairs

It is important to show the company is interesting and attractive for future trainees and employees. To point out the training professions and to develop perspectives for young people is neccessary “to make them stay with the company”. It is much more than just about money, Ramona Gäckle and Ralf Rottler learned from everyday contact with the trainees.

Better both, both better

The slogan of “the experts in EDM and HSC“ as exeron describes the company, has two varieties of education. First, the company offers education of two positions: Industrial clerk and mechatronics engineer. On the other hand the two attributes “experts” and “better” are describing the demand exeron has towards trainees: Will to learn, uncompromising quality and motivation at work, and all this from the very beginning.

Five trainees in education

In 2017 five trainees are doing their education at exeron. Three of them are going to become mechatronics engineers, the two others are trained to become industrial clerks. Ralf Rottler describes the demands: ” The nine months base training of our mechatronics engineers is held at our mother company Mafell. It is not far for the trainees though, they only have to cross our company entrance. Altogether during their three and a half year training they get to know departments like switch cabinet construction, electronic assembly, mechanical assembly, commissioning, electronics development, application technology HSC and EDM, warehousing as well as customer support. Especially important for us when they work at customer support is the fact that the trainees get to know the real work. To do so they accompany one of our service technicians and have the chance to get to the real situation between customer and supplier. Problems might occur and fast solutions have to be found to keep the number of production downtimes as small as possible. “ Requirements for this education are a good German Hauptschulabschluss, O-level (main graduation), or a successful metal technical college. The vocational school is located in Spaichingen.

The training for industrial clerks is described by Ramona Gäckle: “Requirements for the three years training are O-level or the completed commercial college. Our trainees are taught, how business flows, and therefore are conducted to pass all commercial departments of our company like sales, materials management, finance and controlling, human resources, marketing and purchase. But also the technical departments like customer service, warehousing, construction and production are on their schedule. Already during their training they participate in the regular working processes to create a smooth work flow and get in touch with customers and suppliers. Because of the two days at vocational college in Oberndorf or Schramberg/Sulgen they learn fast and understand the links between theory and practice.“

To gain the best people

It is only natural, all the trainers at exeron say, hard times lay ahead when it comes to finding good and enough trainees, because of the competiton of the regional companies. “But we also want to point out what makes it more attractive for a trainee to be in a small company compared to a large mid-size company. Facts like “family-like company”, close contacts beyond work, targeted support, promotion opportunities and also long company ties are all important for the trainees of the region. Not anybody is interested to go into the big wide world.

It is also remarkable that the company participates at regional events, like educational fair for the region of Sulz KAZ (Kontakte - Ausbildung - Zukunft), the job information fair JAMS (jobs and more Schramberg/Sulgen) or also at the starters fair in Rottweil. The aim is clear: gain (prospective) skilled workers, train them well, qualify them and make them stay with the company. Interested students always have the possibility to take a look at the exeron education flyer and to apply directly or via email ( The email-address says it all: the search is on for talented people.

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