Control technology for HSC milling machines

HSC machine management without compromise

What is true of our HSC milling machines also applies to the control technology used in this area: we make no compromises+. Therefore, with the Heidenhain iTNC530 HSCI FS, the latest generation of CNC control is used in all of our high-speed milling machines. It combines optimised motion guide, short set processing times, simple contour programming in 2D and 3D and special control strategies in a state-of-the-art path control.

In conjunction with the consistently digital structure and integrated digital drive control including inverter, the highest machining speeds are possible with the greatest possible contour precision. The machining parameters can be individually set for each NC program. Furthermore, you can also totally rely on the latest generation of Heidenhain control with regard to integrated functional safety for extended operating modes.

Perfect level of machine vibrations, automatic recalibration of the machine kinematics and dynamic collision monitoring – these are additional, powerful features of this control technology. In addition, easy-to-learn plain text programming in the respective national language is enabled for all of our customers.

Only exeron offers unique ASQ (Advanced Surface Quality Control) software, which substantially optimises the surface quality of milled parts. By absorbing minimal vibrations by means of control-related interventions, workpiece quality can be sustainably improved so that rework may even be eliminated entirely.

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