Our HSC technology

HSC line: maximum speed, high acceleration and rotation speed

With our high-speed milling machines, impressive results can be achieved in both hard and graphite machining. The removal rates are so high that high-precision surfaces can be realised with the exeron milling technology.

Tool and workpiece changers for fast and smooth milling are already integrated into all of our HSC machine tools and can be expanded to up to 90 places depending on the machine size. The same applies to graphite machining with the strongest graphite extraction on the market. Our HSC milling machines are also primed for further integration into project systems for automated milling and erosion.

What all of our milling centres have in common is a gantry design for maximum stiffness and high precision. Gantry and machine bed are made from mineral cast for maximum vibration damping. Achieving impeccable precision in the machining of workpieces, while simultaneously ensuring high dynamics, was the top priority for all components. This is reflected in the keywords “short distances between cutting edge and linear guides”, “large ball screws and linear guides”,”smallest tool diameters also on hard steel”, “digital axle drives”, “vector-controlled high-frequency spindles” and “spindle length compensation”.

The use of direct travel measuring systems, automatic tool measurement and breakage control minimise setup effort and allow the completely self-sufficient use of our HSC milling machines. A range of special optional equipment is available to even better tailor our universal high-speed milling machines to your individual manufacturing requirements.

Our HSC MP7 high-end milling machine with linear direct drives guarantees maximum efficiency and micro-precision work. Either 3 or 5 axes are available for the machining of workpieces. Whether dry, wet or graphite machining, anything goes with the HSC MP7 – with ultra precision and the maximum dynamics. Meanwhile, the equipment of the high-speed cutting centre speaks for itself. It includes the high-quality interior made of stainless steel, the holistic active temperature control, the concealed automatic measuring laser and the internal spindle length sensor system.

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