Technical data

Model EDM 313 MF 30
Traverse paths X x Y x Z 620 x 420 x 400 mm
Work table 1000 x 600 mm
Work tank 1070 x 670 mm
Distance table/quill min./max. 150/550 mm
Electrode weight max. 50/250 kg
Workpiece weight max. 1500 kg
Filling height work tank 400 mm
Dimensions, total W x D x H 2316 x 2430 x 2560 mm
Generator current 60 A
Mains supply 400 V, Ds, 50 Hz
Power consumption 12 kVA

EDM 313 MF 30

EDM 313

The mid-range


  • Highest stability due to FEM-optimised, undivided machine base made of mineral cast
  • Smallest installation space due to integration of all process-related systems and units
  • Digital AC servo direct drives and glass scales for highest drive and control dynamics
  • Lowerable tank, driveable while filled for free access to the workpiece
  • Fully simultaneous CNC path control MF 30 on PC basis with Windows operating system
  • High-power generator technology exopuls+ with Digisparc-optimised erosion process
  • Practise-oriented realisation of CE/EMC regulations
  • Connection to various automation systems possible

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