Technical data

Model HSC 300/3
Traverse paths X x Y x Z 480 x 340 x 355 mm
Workpiece clamping table 470 x 400 mm
Distance table/spindle nose 495 mm
Workpiece weight max. 500 kg
Dimensions, total W x D x H 2000 x 2350 x 2450 mm
Spindle speed 42 000 min–1
Spindle performance S1/S6 – 40 % 10/13 kW
Tool magazine 16/40 HSK 40-E
Rapid traverses X x Y x Z 30 m/min
Accelerations X x Y x Z 6 m/s²
CNC control Heidenhain iTNC 530

HSC 300/3

HSC 300/3

The universal one


  • Gantry construction with a high stiffness for optimum machine dynamics, high precision
    as well as perfect workpiece quality
  • Gantry and machine bed made of mineral cast for maximum vibration dampening
  • Digital drives in all axes
  • Direct path measurement systems – resolution 0.1 μ
  • Vector-controlled high-frequency spindles for the use of tools from Ø 0.2 mm – 16 mm
  • Heidenhain CNC control, specially designed for the HSC technology
  • Integrated graphite processing
  • Prepared for automation and cell integration

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