Modell HSC MP11/3
three axes
HSC MP11/5
five axes
Travel distances X x Y x Z 1055 x 900 x 540 mm 1055 x 760 x 540 mm
Travel distances B x C B ±105° x C endlos
Work area X x Y x Z 800 x 900 x 540 mm 800 x 760 x 540 mm
Tool clamping table 850 x 1070 mm 412 x 412 mm
Distance table/spindle nose 720 mm (HSK 40-E)
706 mm (HSK 50-E / HSK 63-F)
720 mm (HSK 40-E)
706 mm (HSK 50-E / HSK 63-F)
Tool weight max. 1000 kg 350 kg
Total dimensions (W x D x H) 2390 x 4500 x 3350 mm 2390 x 4500 x 3350 mm
Spindle speed 42.000 min-1 (HSK 40-E)
36.000 min-1 (HSK 50-E / HSK 63-F)
42.000 min-1 (HSK 40-E)
36.000 min-1 HSK 50-E / HSK 63-F)
Spindle power S1/S6–40% 10 kW / 13 kW (HSK 40-E)
24,8 kW / 33 kW (HSK 50-E / HSK 63-F)
10 kW / 13 kW (HSK 40-E)
24,8 kW / 33 kW (HSK 50-E / HSK 63-F)
Tool magazine max. 210 HSK 40-E
max. 189 HSK 50-E
max. 154 HSK 63-F
HSK 40-E max. 210
HSK 50-E max. 189
HSK 63-F max. 154
Rapid traverse X x Y x Z 100/40 m/min 100/40 m/min
Rotation speeds B x C 100/100 U/min
CNC control Heidenhain TNC 640 HSCI Heidenhain TNC 640 HSCI


Maschine HSC MP11



​Optimum mechanical engineering through gantry construction with high stiffness and damping - for optimal machine dynamics, high precision and perfect workpiece quality
  • High-quality and easy-to-clean interior design in stainless steel
  • Wet tool cleaning in the workspace
  • New milling spindle HVC140 in oil-tight design ("desert night") up to 42,000 rpm. Dry as the desert and cold as the desert at night.
  • Design for dry, cutting oil, minimum and wet machining
  • Integrated concept for active temperature control of the entire machine structure
  • Ergonomic workspace with optimum accessibility to the workpiece
  • Laser measurement outside the workspace with dry cleaning technology
  • Internal spindle length sensor system - prevents collision contours and is insensitive to contamination
  • Tool memory for up to 210 tool positions and consistent preparation for a wide variety of automation and cell solutions with tool and workpiece integration. The tools and pallets are exchanged by means of a common, tight access. Quick tool changes ensure short non-productive times
  • Proven large distance between spindle nose and table as well as generous Z-travel - for machining tall workpieces with long tools, even with large clamping device assembly height and pallet adaptations
  • Comfortable and powerful CNC control technology of the latest generation - Heidenhain TNC 640. Among other things with more probing cycles in manual mode, groove improvement in corners, improved overview on the user interface, 5th decimal place (0.00001 mm) and many other improvements
  • Design for graphite machining

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